Boredom, She Wrote
by Elizabette Guecamburu
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Recently, my Internet was on the blink, which is quite distressing for a person like me. When I can’t get online, I get a slightly frustrated and, well, cranky. I’ve been told I have an addiction, but I see nothing wrong with checking my Facebook page 74 times a day, or watching endless YouTube clips of cute kittens playing inside laundry baskets. I mean, if that’s not normal, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, during this Internet outage — after I had called my provider to complain about the lack of service, of course — I had to find something else to occupy my time. Normally, if I’m bored, I visit It’s a wonderful website where a person can go from reading an article about honey badgers to studying up on the accomplishments of Queen Victoria’s nine (and decidedly ugly) children. Although, to be fair, centuries of royal inbreeding would make any child look like a squirrel.

After much thought, I settled upon a task that wouldn’t require an Internet connection. I would organize my desk and conduct an inventory of my stationary collection. I hadn’t cleaned my desk for a while and I spotted a few tiny dust bunnies near my tape dispenser, which is a little gross.

That completed, an inspection of my note card stack yielded positive results —I was well stocked with cards for various occasions, which is good. Living in a world of iPads, smartphones and texting, perhaps you might not expect me to like notecards and stationary. But, this is not the case. I love receiving cards and letters almost as much as I love sending them. After all, I know I’m not the only person that gets a secret thrill when I receive something in the mail that isn’t a bill.

Since my Internet still wasn’t working and I couldn’t call the Internet company to complain again, without having them sue me for harassment, I decided to send some cards to a few friends. When I affixed my Disney postage stamps to the envelopes, I started thinking. The U.S. Postal Service really is an amazing organization. Honestly, what other company would, for only 46 cents, take an envelope all the way to New York for you? As a society, we complain about the price of postage, but I really think we’re getting the better end of the deal.

Luckily, my wireless connection soon returned. I cleared away the stationary; my boredom and restlessness quickly forgotten, as I dove into a Wikipedia article about the history of the U.S. Postal Service.

I think Queen Victoria’s squirrelly children would be relieved.

Elizabette Guecamburu, volunteer columnist for the Irrigator, is a writer and a native Patterson resident. She can be reached at

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