Violating our rights
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I can't be the only one out here, am I? I can't believe that the citizens of Patterson are going to let four committee members pass an ordinance that is going to violate our rights. Allowing the government to arrive at your home, and forcefully demand that you perform a task, any time, any day, whenever they want, is a complete abomination and violation of our rights. And guess what? If you don’t perform when they want you to, they are going to issue you a citation. Unbelievable!

Now they are going even further by allowing the issuing of a citation when we aren’t even home to answer their beckoning call. In my opinion, this is one more step towards the fingermen that this government and this country shall not stand for.

Our beloved founding fathers would have never approved of such a thing, and I don’t believe that the citizens of Patterson would either. Council members, think about what you are doing. This regulation is an obvious means to collect more taxes from a community that does not need more taxes.

It is just the same as the recent 120 percent increase in fees for city services. Knock it off! If I’m on my property, in my house, not affecting other people, leave me alone!

Secondly, I am fully aware of the pet overpopulation problem. I get it. Come on, you have pounded it into my head enough times, that by now, I should have assimilated. That outcome would be easier than my current state of mind. Whether or not I have my animal spayed or neutered should be a completely educated decision based on the research I perform. Not based on what some government entity tells me is the “right thing to do.” There are several articles of research that show that altering dogs, especially very young dogs, can cause adverse health consequences later in life. Yes... I understand most of us have been conditioned to simply follow along, but wake up people. If you need my help take a look:

And there are plenty more!

So what do we do? I’m not against licensing. I’d even pay your $150, if the program made sense. Given the information above, it just doesn’t! Also, if they aren’t just in it for the money, then I’m not quite sure why we have to pay each year for the government to make sure that our pets are vaccinated when the vaccine for rabies is good for three years. What sense does that make?

What might make more sense? Do what other countries do. Require microchips instead of castration. Then the city could figure out who all these stray dogs belong to and fine the owners for not controlling their pets. It would only take someone a $1,000 fine once to figure out that it is less expensive to fix their fence.

Enjoy the day!

Matt Schwinn, Patterson Resident

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