What this country really needs …
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
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Ron Swift
Ron Swift
We don’t have to look far. This country needs a strong third political party — and quickly.

Frankly, I’m disgusted with the current politocrats who make up our Congress. What a bunch of … nincompoops comes to mind. It’s a total of 545 officials elected to represent us to the best of their ability, who jointly couldn’t negotiate their way out of a corn maze.

Not only have they not passed a budget for several years, but now must decide about raising this nation’s debt ceiling – or squandering our credit rating, creating a world-wide economic crunch, and causing many of us to look elsewhere for people to run our government.

Don’t know about you, but I’m already looking.

Both Republicans and Democrats share the blame, and should share the shame. We consider ourselves to be a great country, and yet we can’t even govern ourselves. Our national leadership should be highly embarrassed – but probably isn’t.

Maybe nincompoops is too mild a term. I can think of several others, but they can’t be used in a family newspaper.

Anyway, who wants to join me in encouraging a third party? We could make a line from here to Westley. Grayson?


Among the several centenarians on our 90-Plus age list is Evelyn Rusk.

Some may remember when her 100th birthday was celebrated on March 8, 2010. She was then a resident of Foothill Manor in south Patterson, but moved to a Modesto facility when Foothill closed.

Evelyn is the aunt of John Brouse of Patterson, and reported to be doing well at age 103.


Drivers up Grayson way have noticed a unique new roadway sign promoting the community.

The sign includes a historic paddle-wheeler of the type that operated on the San Joaquin River from the 1800s until about 1915. Grayson was, back then, a bustling community, a major river crossing, and a shipping point for the thousands of tons of grain grown on the West Side in those days.

The Grayson Community Group is responsible for erecting the sign along Grayson Road and deserves a pat on the back.


It’s tough when you have to name names. But inaccuracy must be corrected, wherever you find it.

I refer for at least the 100th time about the proper use of one of our famed circular streets – El Circulo. The correct version does not have ‘avenue’ at the end of it – just El Circulo.

The folks who put out the local telephone directory aren’t aware of this fact. Apparently many businesses that have El Circulo in their address also are not aware. They include St. Vincent de Paul (which recently moved and thus can be forgiven), La Perla Tapatia, Johnny’s Club, Embroidery Plus, Sam’s Food City, Dr. Tom Klein, Creations Unlimited, and McAuley Ford. That leaves Dr. Paul Webb and the Federated Church with having it correct.

Oh well, maybe next year.


My apologies to our non-sportster readers, but October is a big month in sports. So, here goes.

When the baseball season reaches playoff time, my attention gets glued to the telly.

Which begs the question: What’s with some of these commercials? I watched a few, some several times, and at their conclusion, don’t have a clue what they are attempting to sell.

And wasn’t last weekend a great one for local fans of Northern California football. First the Patterson High varsity and ‘jayvee’ (I prefer frosh-sophs, which is what they are) posted wins to up each of their records to 5-0. Of course, 49er and Raider fans were pleased with their respective victories. And then Stanford beat a good Washington team and Cal … well, Cal was Cal. What else can be said?

Lots of celebrating here late last Saturday. That would be local fans of Dickinson State, which beat Jamestown 27-7 earlier in the day. Perhaps you were among the noisemakers.

And Iowa State, my alma mater, avoided defeat last Saturday by playing on Thursday. The Cyclones lost 31-30 to Texas, but the close score makes me proud of them just the same.


You remember our many readers who have been having troubles in the current job market. Here are a few more of their situations recently sent my way.

“I recently took a job as a musician but they soon found I wasn’t noteworthy.”

“My last job was at Starbucks, but I had to quit because it was the same old grind.”

“I tried to be a historian, but there was no future in it.”

“I studied a long time to be a doctor, but didn’t have any patience.”

Sad stories, all of them. And there will be more.

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