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In addition to Ron Swift’s delightful column, one of the great things about the Irrigator, our local hometown paper, is just that—it is a local, hometown paper, with just local news and issues. As a weekly, it doesn’t pretend to cover state, national or international news or issues.

And because of that, another great things results—we don’t have to get another dose of Sacramento and Washington’s mindless partisan bickering and insanity. People are welcome in Patterson, no matter what party they belong to, and national party partisanship has no place in the operation, leadership, politics, or community life we enjoy in Patterson. We don’t divide ourselves based on politics or religion here.

So, it is sad to see the ‘Your Voice’ page featuring partisan, divisive political letters, echoing national party talking points. Do we really need that? I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s freedom of expression, but the Irrigator does not have to be anyone’s personal political blog.

So, let’s let the recent insanity in Washington, and the importance of local leadership be a reminder to keep party politics out of our city scene.

As one step, the City Council could have this discussion and put in place goals, procedures, supports or guidelines for keeping national political party affiliations, issues, contributions, influence or involvement out of our City elections and political processes. We are very blessed here in Patterson, and our local politics and news have always been plenty exciting and interesting enough.

Let’s no divide and lower ourselves to be part of the mindless national party politics.

Ron West,


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October 17, 2013
This paper has reported on national issues in the past and you want to waste the City's time on that? A better use of time would be to look for ways to reduce developer and BIA influence in the City. Maybe start appointing people to the Planning Commission who have no ties to development interests or the real estate industry.

October 18, 2013
Here here! Heaven forbid that we should actually allow issues from outside city's borders to get attention in our paper. But the Powers-That-Be like to keep Patterson isolated and its residents uninformed so they can keep cutting their secret land deals, giving the farm away to developers (literally) and pulling the wool over the community's eyes. How about the Irrigator spends more time examining some of the local shananigans perpetrated by our former and current leaders in bed with the developers?

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