Halloween safety tips
by Brooke Borba | Patterson Irrigator
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Parents monitor children at the local Farmers' Market costume parade Saturday, Oct. 26.---Courtesy Photo
Parents monitor children at the local Farmers' Market costume parade Saturday, Oct. 26.---Courtesy Photo
Spooky, strange happenings occur every day of the year, but Halloween seems to take the cake when it comes to mystical mishaps. To ensure the safety of your guests, children and friends, use the following safety tips to keep your Halloween fun and safe.


Children should never enter a stranger’s house or ring a doorbell for treats unless a parent or approved guardian is aware and close to the action. Parents should be within touching distance of smaller children to prevent further calamity.

Stay away from dark alleys and fields. Keep yourself close to a populated area with as much light shining down as possible.

Look both ways before crossing the street. Smaller children should take the hands of an adult or guardian while crossing the street. If there is a street light, wait for the crosswalk to signal and look both ways before leaving the curb.

Older children who travel together in groups need to remember each member of their group, and keep them in sight for further protection. Parents must also be aware of their children’s group members, whereabouts and any additional contact information between the children’s parents, if possible.

Concentrate on gathering treats, not committing crimes or vandalism. Children can be arrested and punished as juveniles for their actions.

Before eating your candy, examine it properly by making sure that there are no tears in the wrappings, strange smells or dyes. Smaller children are encouraged to show their parents their candy before they begin eating.


Serving a hearty meal before hitting the streets will leave children less tempted to eat candy all night.

Parents are urged to talk with their children prior to leaving the house about responsibility, respecting others property and the possible dangers of meeting strangers on the street.

Plan a specific route home in case of an emergency or fire, and try to distribute a cell phone to older, responsible children in case you become separated.

Know your community’s local curfew, and stick to subdivisions to gather as much loot as possible.

Do not let your children walk the streets alone. One adult should be appointed for every three children, if possible. If another adult is taking your child, be sure to have met the parent and secure their contact information. It is also wise to ask the approximate time they will be home from their party or route.

Be sure your child’s costume is safe enough to run or walk in without tripping or stumbling. If they are wearing a mask, make sure the child can see clearly from a distance. Reflective tape also helps ward off traffic.

If you witness other children vandalizing a home, call the local authorities promptly. If you witness your children vandalizing a home, make them clean up their mess, while explaining the severity of their actions.

If you witness children hurting animals, call the local authorities immediately. Make sure your children are aware that harming animals is punishable by law and is not tolerated by any cost.

Parents or guardians should always check thoroughly through their children’s candy before it is consumed.

The Patterson Irrigator would like to wish everyone a safe and joyous Halloween.

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