This is not Oz
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Ron West, along with others, have complained about the Irrigator posting partisan, divisive and political letters, telling the Irrigator it does not have to be anyone’s blog. The communities concerns and/or opinions are far from what a blog is. A blog is somewhat of a journal, updated daily and in some kind of chronological order; it is, in no way, what the Irrigator is.

For anyone to believe they live in a bubble where outside influences, politics and issues can be avoided is just wishful thinking and why our country is in the state it is in. Too many want to avoid what is really happening in the world and believe that if they just plug their ears, cover their eyes and tune out the media that all is well in their perfect little world, while our communities and society are struggling to survive.

Politics touch every aspect of our community, whether we believe it or not, and to pretend it doesn’t is just plain naïve. And the truth is, it is the Irrigator’s job and priority to keep us informed as to what is really going on in our communities and in the world. Another truth is we are divided, the most divided this country has ever been due to misinformation, or lack of.

We cannot pretend that this division has not impacted Patterson in anyway shape or form when statistics will show otherwise. How can those complaining ignore the homelessness, robberies or gang problems, which are alive and well and printed about in the Irrigator every week?

So that is plenty exciting and interesting enough, yet they ignore it? They are real issues, but just as any problem, admitting there is a problem is the first step to correcting it. And to continue to bury our heads in the sand will only allow the squeaky wheel to get the grease.

I for one am sick and tired of believing that the liberal mindset has society’s best interests in mind. Especially when the statistics prove the direction we are headed has only had a negative impact on our society.

To imply that The Irrigator is being irresponsible for doing their job is just plain irresponsible on those who are complaining. But many would prefer to just pretend that reality doesn’t exist as long as they don’t hear or read about it.

But it also makes sense because when one ignores reality they then can ignore any responsibility to help their communities, which eases their conscience.

Wake up, Pattersonites. This isn’t Oz, its California and if we continue to close our eyes we will lose the blessed city we once knew.


Diane Griego

Patterson Resident

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