Teen Talk: Red Ribbon Week, Zombie Run
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In response to Red Ribbon Week:

The kids at Creekside Middle School celebrated Red Ribbon Week, and it was…well…different. Some kids thought that it was not cool to do because their friends would make fun of them. The week was “be kind day,” “pajama day,” “teacher day,” “idiom day” and “twin day.” The reason for Red Ribbon Week is to be free from drugs.

It was every day at Creekside from Oct. 26 to the first day of November.

Teacher day sucked. No one did it. Everyone did pajama day and some girls did twin day. I think that kids don’t like to do some of these because kids think that it’s not cool. I would change some of them.

Dominic Aragon, 13

Seventh-grader at Creekside Middle School

My feelings or thoughts towards drugs are that people use them as an excuse to escape reality. Drugs make people feel in control of their lives. While on drugs, or doing drugs, people see and feel the way they want to. I think medical drugs are alright, but when you abuse drugs, your entire life can just go wrong. Drugs are not okay. Everything you’ve worked for can be ruined by one cigarette or a single pill. Drugs are an unsafe addiction.

I feel this way towards drugs because I’ve had family members affected by them. They went down the wrong path, causing others to feel and see the pain they were experiencing. I don’t want people to feel the way my family members have. I would just stay away from drugs.

Jessica Fairchild, 14

Freshmen at Patterson High School

In response to Zombie Run

Last week, at Patterson High School, we had our very first ‘Zombie Run.’ The point of the game was to find three hidden objects without getting your football flag pulled, and escaping alive. The event was held at the Patterson High School, and it went from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. There was a fee of one dollar for each entry of play. There were many zombie and not enough humans, but later, as the freaky night went on, humans came and challenged the zombies. The purpose of the game, allegedly, was to help support the drama club.

Also at the event was a haunted house, with spooky halls and crazed little kids coming out a well. People were crawling out of places to grab your leg and scare you.

Me, personally, I was a zombie. During the time I was one, I killed and had eaten 32 humans.

Gabriel Garcia, 15

Freshmen at Patterson High School

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