Concerning socks and underwear
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In the Oct. 31 (2013) issue of the Patterson Irrigator and in Ron Swift’s “Fast Talk” column, he reveals his concern regarding his socks and underwear.

He says, “…why is it that three-fourths of my underwear come out of the dryer inside out? It doesn’t go in that way.” Also, he states, “…why are, at least, half of my socks found inside my underwear? Are they trying to hide?”

Computers are known to perform well in providing information, but here now is my humble thinking: Machines are challenging for a reply. I offer, therefore, my explanations for the misbehaviors of the above mentioned “underwear” and “socks.”

Possibly, your underwear has been reused for a long time, and have become old, tired and bored from providing their daily service, thus, they protest by turning inside out. As a result, maybe, they are given their desired retirement.

No, the socks don’t wish to hide since they have to reveal themselves when the dryer-door opens. Their daily task of providing comfort taint their longevity. To cohabit a short while, however, with their comrades, the shorts in the dryer, is a luxury.

Phyllis Breves,

Patterson Resident

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