My right to voice my opinions
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All newspapers have websites which are filled with much more then what we see in our paper version delivered to our homes, but to continue to use the guise of only community news being important to suite a politically correct mindset is arrogant and discriminatory to those who were not born and raised here and who are very interested in other city, state, national and international news.

I, for one, want to know the needs — not only here but all over the world — so that I can assist financially, if possible, and would think anyone who claims to care for people would want to do the same.

The Irrigator has printed all sides of opinions, as it should, and I commend them for their attempt to be fair and balanced. The liberal mindset is a government of people that would like to control what the media prints or voices to intentionally deceive constituents and is why the recent rollout of the Affordable Care Act has been such a disaster.

We were lead to believe that it was in society’s best interest, but know now that the law was not even read by those placed in charge to oversee the benefit. It is a complete disaster, causing millions to lose their health coverage or pay hundreds more a month for basic care.

This is one example of what happens when news is bias, ignored or controlled by those who believe they are the only ones with the answers. There are many needs in our community of which Patterson is not alone. As with any city, there are many opportunities for residents in any community to volunteer and offer themselves to assist those less fortunate or to just fill a need.

Patterson has become a kaleidoscope of ethnicities from all over the Bay Area, which has brought growth, new businesses and prosperity along with the problems that go along with that growth. Some have such a work schedule that they still have their children attending school in the city they are employed in. Some even stay in that city all week to save on gas and wear and tear of their vehicle.

Needless to say I know many individuals who must commute 2-4 hours a day to provide for their families week after week and do not have the luxury, time or the energy to volunteer here in Patterson. Their weekends are spent with their children and families, whom they do not spend much time with during the work week.

Thus, those who live here and have the luxury and time to volunteer here are very fortunate and should not condemn anyone who they do not meet when they are volunteering, for they have no idea what is going on in those individuals’ lives.

Some have elderly or terminally ill family to care for or other family situations you know nothing about. But I can assure you that those of us who were not born and raised here in Patterson and who are forced to spend much of our time in the cities where we are employed DO volunteer, give and contribute our time and finances wherever needed.

We just don’t pat ourselves on the back, publish our deeds or seek recognition for helping anyone in need. Being humble is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less. If one is so inclined. I know that many will judge me as either hateful, racist, extreme or many other unmentionable names, but I assure you as a conservative Hispanic with almost every ethnicity in my immediate family, I do sincerely try to judge everyone I meet or vote for as MLK dreamed — by the content of their character. And my concern is for the well-being and the rights of all Americans to live, worship, prosper and believe as they wish in a safe and loving environment. Allow me my rights to voice my opinions when I feel the need. Don’t force me to accept what you believe, and in return, I will do the same.

Diane Griego,

Patterson Resident

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