Patterson, we thank you
by Brooke Borba | Patterson Irrigator
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Gratitude is, without a doubt, one of the most important qualities that we can possess as a society. Without it, all positive contributions and experiences could not receive merit, and would be less likely to continue their efforts.

Another Thanksgiving has arrived and fled, and I’m sure thanks have been issued all around. But why is it that we require a holiday to profess our gratitude?

Being grateful shouldn’t be a momentary feeling attributed to one distinct holiday. It should be more widespread and a reflection of ourselves and our peers. Fortunately for Patterson, we have an abundance of caring individuals that put in the time and energy needed to perform these gracious acts of kindness, even if they receive less thanks than necessary.

Take, for example, our volunteer firefighters, who continue to engage with the community on a daily basis, driving students on trucks for Fire Prevention Week, or upholding their annual Christmas toy drive, time and time again without ever receiving a dime. Those are the things from my youth that still have me reeling in my seat. I hope those volunteers are brimming with pride, because they deserve it.

Look at H.O.S.T., also known as Helping Others Sleep Tonight, which has risen from a small gathering of ideas to a large stable home, encompassing the youth, the needy, and the downright downtrodden. Without the volunteers’ efforts, those that had dreams of rising from their financial woe or reconfiguring their lives would be left freezing in Veterans’ Park.

Notice how the local schools hold charitable BBQ’s intended to help students fight cancer, participate in Relay for Life, take part in carwashes, or help out their services at the Hammon Senior Center. Students and staff should be applauded for their time and commitment.

These gatherings and noticeable actions do not always allude to holiday gatherings either. These are our everyday citizens, looking to rectify a problem they find troubling. I wish I could name every individual that has shown such civility and selflessness in Patterson and offer them my gratitude, but it would be incredibly difficult. We have yet to cover the local churches, the police department, or our local businesses.

There are more to list, and the number of individuals grows every day.

Although we provide a free paper for the community, I must insist that, without the community’s efforts, the Patterson Irrigator may as well be nothing more than a blank slate.

As of mid-September, the Irrigator hit a snag when one of its only working cameras decided to call it quits, forcing us to take less than desirable pictures on our cell phones. Thanks to community efforts, including Elias Pasillas, Randy Sawyer, and various other photographers, we are still managing to provide pictures for our weekly publications.

We continue to encourage the community to share their pictures and stories with the Irrigator, and will offer name-credit to any photographs taken for the Irrigator.

We live in a unique community, small and a bit humble, but it’s thriving. In order for the Irrigator to thrive with it, we are incredibly grateful for any tips and pictures that could be used for our publications. Although the community deserves more than a public thank you, we truly appreciate the sentiments, and hope that our gratitude will carry further than we anticipate.

Once again, thank you, Patterson. Not just for your festive tidings, but for the entire year, and the years to come.

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