Pro-growth resident says ‘no’
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1) The Patterson Logistics Center Project attempts to cram a building 27 percent larger than Amazon (1.27 million square feet verses 1 million square feet) on a lot that is just too small; on a lot just too close to Sperry with only half the setback of the Amazon building from Sperry (approximately 360 feet verses 720 feet), and provides direct parking lot access from/to Sperry for their employees. Please note the special access is for employees coming from Interstate 5 and going to I-5 – left turn off of Sperry in and Right turn only onto Sperry out. The jobs for this project are for out-of-town employees – just look at the site plan and the proposed special access to and from Sperry to I-5!

2) Sperry is already backing up from peak truck access at Park Central Drive because of the insistence of 85 percent queuing. The city’s traffic consultant stated the use of 85 percent queuing is to save concrete. He also stated that 100 percent queuing could result in truck backups during peak periods. He should STOP spewing numbers and review the empirical evidence - the evidence in front of his eyes. Eighty-five percent queuing is already causing truck backups! He wants to allow a two-truck 85 percent queuing left turn lane off of Sperry and onto the repositioned Haggerty Drive. Since his design at Park Central Drive is already backing up, this design will likely do the same. And, only 510 feet closer to I-5, he wants another 85 percent queuing left turn single car lane for the out-of-town employees to have direct access to the parking lot of this project. Again, 85 percent queuing was chosen to save concrete! Even 100 percent queuing can experience backups per the city traffic expert!

3) The proponents of this project repeatedly stated they are entitled (6 separate times) and that the project was already previously approved (7 separate times); they also stated that they could proceed with the existing approved 7 building project without any further approval from the City Council!

Please, if this developer continues to insist they are “Entitled,” then the Council should insist they proceed with the “7 building project” and not even consider the proposed new project!

If, however, they are willing to work with the Council – if they will STOP insisting they are entitled – then I recommend:

1) Redraw the project to accommodate a redesigned building, leaving the same setback from Sperry as the Amazon building; this will likely require reducing the building size from 1.27 to 1 million square feet, or a non-rectangular shaped, and likely more costly, building.

2) Get assurances that the employees will be mostly Patterson residents – this eliminates the need for employee parking lot direct access to and from I-5 on Sperry, and would allow a much higher queuing factor at Haggerty Drive.

3) With the special access eliminated from Sperry, make the two-truck queuing at Haggerty Drive on Sperry as long as possible. SPEND THE MONEY ON CONCRETE NOW to prevent Sperry from backing up after this project goes live and from becoming a parking lot! Make the queuing 200 percent or as high as possible; now is the cheapest time to pour the concrete and save Sperry from the back up that will most certainly occur with 85 percent queuing.

Mel Clemmer

Patterson resident

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