Teen Talk: Celebrating Yule
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I love Christmas, but I celebrate differently than others. I celebrate Yule (or Yuletide), the Wiccan or pagan holiday. Yule is the winter solstice, and wiccans and pagans celebrate by doing rituals or celebrating old traditions for the new coming of the sun.

The time has come now that the sun returns for the first time in each year, meaning it marks the return of the sun and when the days begin to get a little longer with daylight.

There are lots of different ways that wiccans or pagans celebrate Yule. Some wiccans/pagans celebrate by doing rituals, welcoming the return of the sun. Some do cleansing rituals, some are solidary, or some have covens or family to celebrate with.

Not only do I celebrate as a solitary participant, but I celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. I like to support my family and friends in their beliefs, because they do the same for me. I believe that people should still communicate, even when they have different belief systems. Religion does not change who we are.

Merry Christmas and blessed Yule,

Gabriel Garcia, 15

Patterson High School freshmen

Editor’s note: Yule or Yuletide (Yule time) is a religious 12-day festival observed by the historical Germanic people since the 4th century. Yule has later been absorbed with the Christian festival of Christmas.

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