The Most Famous Baby of All
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How would you answer this question: who are the most famous babies ever born?

After a little research I was amazed at what came up.

The first baby to be mentioned was the Gerber baby. The term “Gerber Baby” is synonymous with baby food. The original infant to adorn Gerber Strained Foods products in 1928 was a charcoal drawing of 4-month-old Ann Cook. Cook — now in her 80’s — is a retired mystery writer.

The second baby mentioned was the first “test tube” baby. Born to Lesley and John Brown on July 25, 1978, Louise Brown was the world’s first “test-tube baby” or, as it’s more commonly known today, the first In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

The third baby mentioned may someday become heir to his own kingdom. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and William (in his own right could also become King of England) gave birth to George, the future King of England.

I found one place that included one other name. In this baby’s case, it was foretold he would be born in a little village called Bethlehem. It was foretold the baby would be born of a certain family lineage. A prophet of ancient times also predicted this baby would be born of a virgin. Another prophet foretold that a child, the “Son of God” would come out of Egypt.

Is it possible all the predictions could be about the same baby? How is it possible the most famous of all babies in all the world — even in all of history — was mentioned in so few lists of the most famous of babies?

You’ve already guessed the baby’s name. We celebrate his birthday (even though we can’t be certain of the date) because so much of what was predicted came true through his birth. In fact, many more predictions were fulfilled before this baby grew up and eventually fulfilled His purpose for coming.

But why is this so important to us and to the world? It’s not just a great story. It’s not just a time we think about joy, love for family, and peace. It’s all about God, who loves us so much He gave his Son to show us how much He wants us to know him, his love, his joy, and his peace.

Don’t just celebrate Christmas this year. Experience the love, joy, and peace of God through His Son, Jesus. Your life, our lives, and the lives of everyone we know will be better when you get to know His Son and your Savior— Jesus Christ.

The Rev. Scott Van Bibber is pastor of New Hope Church of the Nazarene. Sermon notes is a column by local religious leaders.

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