Help! Calendar a great idea, but…
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
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Publishing a community calendar with all of Patterson’s 2014 activities on it was thought by many to be a great idea.

And those who have purchased the calendar seem to agree. With nearly 200 listings, the calendar should be a useful tool to many local residents.

But there’s a hitch – sales. Only about 250 have been sold. Boy Scout Troop 82, which gathered the data and had 1,000 calendars printed, has not yet cleared its production costs. And its members have been selling the calendars for about six weeks in front of Save Mart, Family Pharmacy and Oak Valley Bank with only limited success.

Of course, part of the problem is that most of us received free calendars in the mail or as business advertisements over the past several months. Nearly 10 arrived at our house in the mail. Mimi Draper has counted a dozen or more, and Gene and June Wheeland claim about 20 have been stuffed in their mailbox.

But none – I guarantee – include details about community life in Patterson, as well as local photos.

What the Scouts failed to figure out was a successful selling plan. Being the troop’s scoutmaster, I’ll shoulder that responsibility. As our troop serves boys with special needs, our members are not allowed to go door-to-door by themselves unless it is in their immediate neighborhoods.

Also, it undoubtedly is true that our community’s newer residents are not aware of the many youth and recreation offerings, celebrations (with entry deadlines) such as the Apricot Fiesta, school events, community dinners, annual club fundraisers and scheduled church activities that make Patterson a vibrant small city. This calendar is for their enlightenment.

Just the other day, a woman who recently moved here from Elk Grove bought her $7 calendar in front of Save Mart.

Her comment: “I want to find out what’s going on in Patterson.”

That’s the right attitude.

So is the attitude of a local businesswoman who bought $100 worth of calendars. “I’ll put them on my counter for my customers.” We gave her a discount.

The Scouts initiated the project for two reasons: service to the community and to finance our program. The idea was to make it an annual project, and ideas for improving the calendar are already being considered. But before that is done, another 750 of the 2014 calendars must be sold. And soon.

So here’s the offer. A Boy Scout with an adult will deliver a calendar (or more at a discounted price) to your door. You have only to call 892-6355 (my number) and leave a message that includes your address. (Calendars are also available downtown at the Patterson Irrigator office.)

If you call, we’ll guarantee free delivery of your calendar and a smiley “Thank you.” And if you’re not home, we’ll leave your calendar at your door and you can pay me when we next cross paths.

And if we’ve not yet met, I’m the guy whose photo appears on this page – only older. And probably carrying a stack of calendars.


I’ve been asked if I purchase Lottery tickets. No, I don’t and here are several reasons why.

- I’d forget to check the numbers.

- I’d misplace the tickets.

- They’d go through the laundry.

- If I had a big winner, I’d lose it.

Do you see a trend here?


On. Jan. 26, the U.S. Postal Service will up its rate for first class stamps from 46 cents to 49 cents. (The increase is supposed to be temporary, but we’ll leave that issue for another day.)

So a commonly heard phrase about town is, “Why don’t they just raise it to 50 cents and get it over with?”

You tell me.


The New Year started well at our house. An unexpected dividend check arrived in the mail. But first, let me digress.

A number of years ago, we closed out an investment account with a major company. Or so we thought. Instead we were paid off for an even number of shares, leaving in infinitesimal 0.003884 of a share in our names.

Obviously it wasn’t much – certainly not enough to enrich our retirement. But each year we would receive in the mail the company’s annual report. It ended up in the trash – unread.

But this year we have also received a dividend check – for 1-cent. Uno. Really! No kidding!

Ahhh, but think of the tax implications. I’m sure our accountant will insist on reporting this minute income.

Because the check was in my name, HM (Housemate) said the obvious: “Don’t spend it all in one place.”

Fortunately, she didn’t suggest we blow it on a dinner out.


All pedestrians crossing our downtown circle – officially named Plaza – should look both ways for vehicle traffic, despite Plaza being a one-way street.

Patterson’s visitor traffic must be increasing.


You may have noticed that last week, the top-ranked Arizona men thrashed Washington State 60-25 in a Pac-12 matchup. Maybe the Cougars sent down a high school team to play the Wildcats.

As of Monday morning when this column was written, both the Iowa State Cyclone men’s and women’s basketball teams are ranked 13th nationally, each undefeated with a 13-0 record. Thought you’d want to know.

Go Kap!


Did you believe the rumor circulating around town that this scribe received a cell phone for Christmas?

Some people are so gullible.

Ron Swift is the editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at

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