Whether the weather is cold, whether the weather is fine
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We took a break the other day, HM (Housemate) and I.

We headed out for a long weekend in Monterey. It was our first time out of Stanislaus County since last June, at least together.

Actually, we were attempting to flee from cloudless days, warm sunshine, and something like zero percent humidity. We wanted some winter.

And what did we get in Monterey? More of the same. Warm. Sunny. Dry. They haven’t had a drop of rain since last July. (But they can look out at that beautiful bay and see water.)

And we had an enjoyable dinner with Ed Sternberg and Roberta Little. Those are names only old-timers will remember. Roberta graduated from Patterson High in the class of 1964, cut her newspaper teeth at the Irrigator, and then headed to the Monterey Bay area where she continued in the print business. She’s been at the Monterey Herald for eons and regaled us with scary stories about where the daily newspaper business is headed.

Roberta also serves as a docent at San Carlos Cathedral in Monterey, which has several distinctions: oldest building in that community, oldest continuously active church on the Pacific coast, California’s first cathedral, and others. She wowed us with a personal tour of the recently renovated cathedral and its adjacent museum.

And Ed, you may recall if you are old enough and have a good memory, moved to Patterson 51 years ago with this scribe. We became co-owners, co-publishers, and co-editors of the newspaper you are now reading.

Plus we were co-transplants from Iowa who moved to California for our health. We were right, too. We both remain in reasonably good health after over five decades.

So on Sunday afternoon we drove up Highway 1 looking for something resembling winter weather. None in Santa Cruz. None in Half Moon Bay. But finally in the Pacifica area, where we were headed for a social engagement, we encountered about 10 minutes of heavy fog.

Unless we get some rain late this week, HM and I may have had our winter.


You undoubtedly have noticed the city’s work in the median of Sperry Avenue where desert plants have now replaced the grass around the palm trees.

This project was undertaken because the watering of the grass gave the palms too much water.

Now the palms are cut back to a minimal drink – none of it coming from above.


Being gone three days caused a bit of catching up on my incoming e-mails. And some really important stuff arrived when I was away. To wit:

- If we concentrated on the really important stuff in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles. (Just think how true that is.)

- A duck crossing the road is poultry in motion.

- And finally, a boiled egg is hard to beat. Got it? I hope so.


Let’s begin with Lena Cirrincione’s 99th birthday, which was Jan. 10. Daughter Josephine Martin notes that a big party of about 80 friends and relatives, some from Southern California, helped her mother celebrate. So … a belated happy birthday to Lena.

Final rites were held here Wednesday for Dolores Maria (Morales) Gonzales, a Puerto Rican native who lived here since 2001 with her son Lou Gonzalez and his wife Faye. She was 97 but had not been missed on our list of 90-plussers, again an indication that this area has additional residents who meet that criterion. The list numbers 67.


I’m taking Denver. Go Peyton.


You’ve probably heard about the man who ran in front of a car. He got tired.

But the man who ran behind the same vehicle got exhausted.

OK, so that’s not original. It’s a slow week.

Ron Swift is the editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at ronkay@gvni.com.

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