Freedom from addiction
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Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my freedom from alcohol and drug addiction and the bondage that goes with it. I have also been free from sexual relations and have stopped taking depression and pain medications. My last two strongholds are down to nicotine and caffeine, and I know with support we can smash those as well.

To credit one man, one fellowship or one recovery meeting would be unfair. To say I did it on my own willpower without God would be stupid. The fact is I have a long track record of being consistently inconsistent. When left to my own devices, I always return to the things of this world that make myself feel better to ease the pain, suffering and lonely nights.

I am telling you, thank you. You are everywhere I go. Your advice, support, prayers and huge smiles have repeatedly given me strength when I was ready to give up.

In this New Year, 2014, I hope to repay the love of my brothers and sisters in the city I have lived in for over 50 years.


Mark Nelson

P.S. YouTube Chris Tomlin— Greater things are yet to come.

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February 16, 2014
Congratulations and may the power of Christ continue to give you the support and determination to continue your success. Always remember if it gets harder your getting even closer to you goals. I believe in you but mostly you believe in yourself. Your blessings await stay strong, you are a living testimony of what he can do for you once you give yourself to him. You are his son and he knew your struggle and your test before you knew. When we release and give it up to him he always, yes always works it out. We as humans and the spoils of the world have become impatient and want it now. What we have to realize is he does it on HIS time. You see if he does it to soon we'll miss the lesson and fail the test, so we will repeat the cycle until we get it. However, once we due and we have that AHHA! moment like a mother to her child or a father to his son in just that instance we are saved. Continue to no be distracted by the void, empty ,time wasteful things, surround yourself with positive people, friends and things that keeps you strong and focused. Look out for those so called friends who want you to stay in darkness doing thing jeopardizing your freedom and you closeness with your true father. 99.9 Bott Radio network is so uplifting in the am when I prep for work as well as uplift me in times when I feel drained of low. I tell you I am smiling the whole time my cheeks hurt. Now don't get me wrong I love the music of today, and that's where it ends the music, however the words and the music video's is what makes it bad. The music exec getting richer, the artist are slave puppets, and our kids and family become the followers or the rubbish. While the family struggle to provide for their family and keep God in the home, the HOME and the FAMILY is being attacked from every side. Sorry I tend to go overboard at times lol. Stay strong, it only get better my brother he knows and sees all and he is waiting for you at the finish line and is more that happy to meet you at you pause point to give you strength to get there. Just continue to show his you WANT to get there.


God Bless!

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