Teen Talk: Valentine's Day
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Dynasty's finished product, complete with her line of makeup accessories.
Dynasty's finished product, complete with her line of makeup accessories.
Gabriel's homemade Valentine's Day bag.
Gabriel's homemade Valentine's Day bag.
In honor of Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, members of the Youth Action Commission will offer tips and tricks to create a fun, festive Valentine’s Day surprise on a low budget. DIY with Dynasty: Makeup Stand

Do you have so much makeup that your makeup bag or carrier is about to burst at any second? Don’t waste your time rummaging through an overcrowded bag looking for your favorite cosmetics. Stop the clutter and get organized with this inexpensive makeup stand.

What you’ll need:

- Two plates

- A vase or candle stick holder

- hot glue

- An old makeup compact (optional)


- Select a couple of plates to use for your makeup stand. Make sure your plates are fairly large in size to hold the cosmetics you wish to place on your makeup stand. You may use plates you already own or purchase inexpensive plates from a local thrift store. (I personally went to my nearest dollar store.)

- Wash your plates and your vase/candle holder with dish soap to remove dust, germs, residue, etc. Dry thoroughly. Meanwhile, heat up your hot glue gun.

- Choose one of the plates to use as a base. Place your vase/candle holder centered on top of the base plate. Once you have established the middle portion of your stand, place the late plate on top of the vase/candleholder. Do this task without gluing so you can see what the finished product will look like. If you are not satisfied with your results, switch up your style with a variety of plates, sizes or color combinations.

- Place a generous amount of hot glue on the bottom of your vase /candle holder. Do not put too much, or the glue will come out the sides. Place your vase/candle holder firmly onto your base plate. Hold it there for a few moment for it to set.

- If you are using a vase instead of a candle holder, feel free to be a little more creative with your materials. Placing decorative items inside the vase adds character and personality to the piece. (I placed my old makeup compacts inside, gluing them stacked on one another.)

- Trace the circle of your vase or candle holder on the bottom of your second plate. Then place glue all over the marked circle. Once the glue is set, center the vase/candle holder on the traced area of the plate. Continue to press down on the plate for a few moments to set.

- Wait for the plates to dry before carefully transporting your makeup stand to your bedroom, bathroom or valentine. Need more space on your stand? Add another vase/candle holder for a three-level tier. Feel free to add a small bowl on top to collect earrings, necklaces or jewelry.


Dynasty Anderson,

Member of Patterson’s Youth Writing Club

Online DIY: Valentine Bag

Want to make a flawlessly cute and free gift for your significant other? Well, you’re in luck!

You can now make a cute decoration out of bags filled with love letters or a candy of their choice. This little bag will not only make your valentine smile, but really happy. You know what they say, “It’s the thought that counts.”

For the list of supplies, or to learn how to make this cute DIY, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?=xxjEI2njdIQ

Gabriel Garcia,

Freshmen at Patterson High School
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