A list of centenarians and 90-Plus
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The other day a reader asked why the age 90 was chosen for recognizing people with Patterson-area connections who blow out numerous candles.

My answer was lame. Actually, I don’t recall how or why 90 was chosen, except that it seemed at the time (several years ago) that we seem to be gaining on the race with Father Time. And I still think we are, so the 90 decade mark seemed to be a good place to start.

The 90-Plus List has grown to an unofficial record high of 67. I say “unofficial” because it may not be 100 percent accurate. The list changes only when I hear of additions and subtractions, and my hearing isn’t what it used to be. So help me out by keeping me posted.

Of the 67, no fewer than six are centenarians. They are so indicated below.

Lee Aiello, Margaret Alberta, Marie Archer, John V. Azevedo, Rose Beltran, Vera Bettencourt, Winnie Bronzon, Wayne Brooks, Emil Burch, Aileen Carbal (102).

Antoinette Carcello, Marcel Chapuis, Jane Chaney, Lena Cirrincione, Florence Perry Cogswell (101), Grace Cox, Marnelle Filippini Cripe, Bertha Criswell (104), Nadine Dompe, Thelma Fitzsimmons.

Agnese Friedrich, Aurora Garcia, Anita Garza, Nita Goetz, Agritima Guerra, Esther Hamilton, Charlie Hansen, Dora Gustafson Hauert, Eleanor Holtzman, Violet Housewright.

Wayne Johnson, Geneva Kazda, Velma Klein, Evelyn Kolding, Laurence Kolding, Kay Krause, Helen Maring (103), Bessie Martin, Jack McConnell, Ruby McNutt.

Ruby Miller, Nelda Schut Mitchell, Adelina Montoya, Bonnie Nordell, Ken Nordell, Joseta Esquivel Ochoa, Tex Pace Manuel Paiva, Dorothy Reis.

MaeBelle Rogers, Evelyn Rusk (103 with birthday coming March 8), Emmy Lou Schroeder, Rosa Stehli, Joaquin (Jack) Tabar, Mary Tosti, Josephine Traina, Justin A. Traina, Frances Tyler, Virginia Usadel.

Christine Weatherford, Clyde Weekley Gene Wheeland, Vivian Wheeland, Dorothy Wiesendanger (103), Katie Williams and Mitsuye Yamamoto.


Word has been received of the Feb. 14 death of former Patterson jeweler Tony Azevedo who resided in Southern California. He was 80 and was preceded in death by his wife Nancy.

He leaves a brother, Pattersonite John V. Azevedo, as the only survivor of their generation of the Azevedo family. A sister, Rosemary Starcher, died here a few months ago.

The North Sixth Street area of Patterson has long been recognized for its wildlife. Really.

Residents have shared their neighborhood with foxes, possums and raccoons. Now they have new wildlife – vultures. Large birds, as vultures can get.

Birders won’t need their binoculars for these guys.


Someone asked how I thought Jimmy Fallon would do on late night TV.

Who’s Jimmy Fallon? What happened to Jack Parr?

I go to bed early these days.


Members of Boy Scout Troop 82 still have about 300 of their community event calendars for sale. If you haven’t yet purchased a $7 calendar, you may have already missed a Patterson happening.

For instance, if you like crab, you’ve already missed the Lutheran Church’s dinner held early this month. But you can catch the Rotary Club crab-fest this Saturday night. I know, because I have a calendar.

Actually, I have about 300 of them. Call me at 892-6355 and I’ll deliver. HM (Housemate) says she wants those boxes of calendars out of our family room – pronto. So your purchase will not only support the Scout troop, but our family life as well.


Mr. Swift: Have you yet figured out how to play the radio in your new vehicle? — Curious

Dear Cur: I have not. No fewer than 20 pages of the instruction manual are devoted to operating the radio, which has 16 knobs and settings. After 2,000 miles and three months of ownership, I am stuck on page eight of the manual.


I haven’t been to an NFL game in years, preferring to watch the action on the telly.

But I pay attention. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly made over $44 million in 2012. After buying a ticket, paying a ridiculous price for parking, and eating a hot dog that should fall into the category of grand larceny, Goodell’s earnings would make me angry.

So I’ll continue to stay home on Sundays.

The many Patterson fans of Thomas More College, a Catholic school in Kentucky, are ecstatic this season. Its women’s cagers rolled to victory in each of their first 22 games, one of the latest wins coming over Westminister, 96-32. Sydney Moss led the Chiefs with 28 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists despite playing just a little over half the game.

Earlier this season Thomas More bested Thiel, 113-29, and Bethany, 112-34. The Chiefs have both a good offense and a good defense, plus lousy opponents.


One of my Boy Scouts recently asked who writes the Patterson Past column that appears weekly on these pages.

When I told him I do, he then asked how I remember those happenings back 100 years ago.

Oh, I just do.

Ron Swift is the editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at ronkay@gvni.com.
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