Teen Talk: Under Pressure
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I’m pretty sure everyone has something that is constantly pressuring them.

Me? I am constantly worried about how I’m going to get into a good college, and if I’m going to get any scholarships.

Ever since elementary, teachers have always said, “You’ll benefit from education,” and “Many people want the opportunity to have education! You are all very lucky.”

I’ve never thought their sayings mattered until this year.

Everyone expects me to be a doctor when I’m older, and I really like the sound of being a person who helps the sick, but I know I can’t live up to that without hard work.

I’m trying my best by joining many clubs, trying to get good grades, and attempting to get involved with the community.

I have visited Stanford University for a field trip in fifth grade. Ever since, I have been more pumped to go to an awesome college or university. I mean, it had a Subway inside!

Sometimes people tell me to loosen up since I’m only in seventh grade.

I began thinking about that, and decided to drop out of a few programs that killed my time to hang out with people I really care about (mostly my siblings), and to have time on the Internet.

I know I may sound a bit crazy, but I know that my work might pay off in the future. 

Farah Shuaib,

Seventh-grader at Creekside Middle School

Stress of everyday life


When under pressure, many people stress out because they have so many other things going on in their lives.

This is a story from my life and it made me so stressed that I almost blew.

It started my seventh-grade year. I wanted to be active. I joined so many clubs because I thought I could handle it. I did everything I could all the way up to my eighth-grade year, and then everything went downhill.

By the time I started the new school year, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I started joining four more clubs and a leadership class. I was the president, student leader or officer in most of these clubs, including my WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) class.

I became very stressed and I started to become very angry. I began to forget about the homework I had to do and forgot about the permission slips I had to turn in.

I started becoming mad at everything and lost most of my friends. I blew up and I didn’t know how to control it.

Now I know how to prevent this. Keep a positive attitude in everything you do.

Even if everyone is trying to pull you down, don’t give up. I will always jump ten times higher than my downfall and I will survive through the lifetime struggle.

Gabriel Chadwick,

Eighth-grader at Creekside Middle School

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