Teen Talk: Daylight Saving Time
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Daylight Saving is a time of year that I personally hate because it ruins the rest of my year. I have to wake up one hour earlier, and I really hate going to school it is dark outside.

I have a weird thing where I am angry if I go to school when it is dark. I just want to go into my room until it’s light outside.

Another thing is that we will eventually go back to the time again. Then we’ll gain an hour of sleep and be back to where we were before. So it is stupid and not worth the time to do every year. This is a concept we can lose to make everyone’s life better.

Gabriel Chadwick,

Eighth-grader at Creekside Middle School

When Daylight Saving Time comes around and the light has lost an hour, I get irrigated by the fact that I lose an hour less of sleep because a person needs their beauty sleep. But I’m also mad because I lose an hour of doing something productive like drawing, twerking, painting or doing yoga.

It annoys me that everything resets and I don’t like how people say Daylight Saving is important. It’s stupid and fake. Time and space is manmade of course. We make rules and theories but Daylight Saving is something that people shouldn’t have been inventing.

My point is that Daylight Saving is a waste of time—Get it? *wink*

But I can’t say that I hate Daylight Saving all the time. Because when the time comes around, I love when I get that extra hour of sleep or meditation for yoga.

Other than that, forget daylight savings and sleep in.

Gabriel Garcia,

Freshmen at Patterson High School
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