Response to StanCOG Road Tax
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Once again, StanCOG (Stanislaus Council of Governments) wants a road tax to fix roads in cities and East-West road projects. The matching funds they described is the money you pay in taxes yearly and will only lead to a higher income tax in the future.

Any money the city of Patterson would receive would go into the city’s general fund to be used for the city’s pleasure.

There is no oversight to insure this money will be used for our roads. Why wasn’t some of the money received from new businesses added to the $350,000 spent last year to fix our roads? New city workers were hired and other received raises, also additional benefits.

Would this new tax money go to the same thing if this new road tax is passed? I urge all voters in the county to reject any new road tax presented.

Curtis J. Jordan,

Patterson homeowner for over 50 years
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March 17, 2014
Better read the fine print to see where the money is going. Fixing existing roads and enhancing public transportation are worthy goals. But if these funds are used to subsidize developers then forget about it.
March 15, 2014
I'm not sure you fully understand how this would work. This would not result in a new or higher income taxes. A portion of the federal and state income taxes we currently pay already go into various federal and state transportation grant programs. But we currently don't have access to those funds because they require projects to provide local matching funds. We've never been able to access these federal funds because we don't have have local dedicated transportation revenues like just about every other county in the state. Some of the money that came in the last few years from new businesses has been used for road improvements, but its a drop in the bucket for what will be needed to maintain our roads. The city should be doing more to get new businesses to help pay for road improvements, but it still won't be enough long-term. If this measure passes, Patterson will get $640k in new revenue each year for transportation beyond what it currently has, plus millions more in federal and state dollars we're not currently eligible to get.

There will be a lot more information coming out about this measure, and I would urge you to look into this more closely before making a quick judgment.
March 17, 2014
I understand how matching funds work and it is our state and federal tax money. Please tell all of us that is concerned how much of the new business revenue was used for road repairs and the streets it was used on. Also tell us who decides which street to repair and who oversees the total cost. I would like to see facts and figures in place of this bs. you are writing. Also my name is in my post so try putting yours after your comments.

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