Cub Scouts compete in annual Pinewood Derby
by Brooke Borba | Patterson Irrigator
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----Photos by Brooke Borba
----Photos by Brooke Borba
And they’re off! The race was on for a number of local Cub Scouts Saturday, March 15, at Patterson Federated Church where the annual Pinewood Derby showcase took place.

The local attraction remains to be an important event for many young contingents as it teaches the youth to compete in a diligent and fearless manner while promoting humility and fairness.

“We do this for the boys,” said Cubmaster Paul Borchardt. “The (Pinewood) Derby teaches them that it’s not all about the competition, it’s about having fun. That’s what Cub Scouts is all about.”

The message rang loud and clear, generating a day filled with laughter and entertainment as the Cub Scouts meandered near the starting line, cupping their creations in their hands.

Parents, guardians and spectators were able to get into the action as well, and often took videos from the end of the track to provide for their respected scout member.

Lizett Ruiz, sister of Cub Scout Julian Ruiz, 9, of Den 2, said she enjoyed watching her brother and the other scouts perform in the derby because of the values the occasion taught.

“I think it shows them how to take on challenges head on,” said Ruiz Saturday morning. “It shows them how to be good companions to one another and to lose with dignity. It’s an accomplishment to even build the car.”

Committee Chairperson Becky Long added that the derby was the ultimate event for the Cub Scouts, and is considered a staple for many children.

“All the boys really look forward to it every year,” said Long. “I think it’s the quintessential Cub Scout activity.”

Scouts could be seen eagerly awaiting their turn at the track’s sidelines, cheering on their designated cars and quipping about their latest designs. Although the contestants had a need for speed, they were delighted in many of the car’s designs, which ranged from patriotic memorials to multifaceted edifices.

Six-year-old Cub Scouts Kaleb Rothstein and Wyatt Zenger of Den 5 said they enjoyed looking at the other kids’ designs, and were excited to work with their parents for the project.

“My dad helped decorate my car as an eagle,” said Zenger, who relayed that he wanted to be an Eagle Scout when grew up.

Noah Cote-Lee, 10, of Den four said he designed his car with his dad to look like a snowy camouflage military vehicle.

“It just came to my head,” he said casually, cradling his car. “It’s such a cool design. Me and my dad spend a week on it and designed weights to look like missiles on the car.”

“Besides camping,” added Cote-Lee, “this is my favorite event.”

Contest Results

The judges’ results were based on the contestants’ car design as well as their overall performance.

Nate Kenney walked away with the Cub Scout Spirit award, while Jacob Gutierrez won Most Patriotic. The Wildest Decoration award went to Parker Glick, and Robert Nguyen walked away with the Support Our Troops award. The Most Irish award was bestowed to Joseph Gutierrez, while the Coolest Design went to Bradley Clontz. The Judges Choice award was presented to David Rothstein.

First-place was awarded to Bradley Clontz, followed by Norman Field in second-place, Jeremy Cross in third-place and Noah Cote-Lee in fourth-place.

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