Moving from one season to another
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Spring flowers are some of my favorites, partially because they signal a time of change. On my day off this week, I trimmed some of the last of my spring flowers. Yet with the end of these flowers comes another time of the year and a new bunch of flowers to enjoy.

Life is just like that. We move from one season to another. God established the stars above for us to recognize one season from another (see Genesis 1:14-17). In fact, the Christian Bible says that God made a promise after the flood to establish the seasons from that time forward (Genesis 8:22). Seasons of the year are not an accident.

Neither are seasons in our lives. When we are born, we are very dependent upon others. God’s design was for children to be raised and nurtured by a father and mother that would teach their children His ways (Malachi 2:15). All of our childhood and teenage years are preparing us to be adults. That is prep for the next season of our lives, growing more independent.

Then we become the adults. It is up to us to make good decisions. What will we do for a living? Who will we marry? Where will we live? The questions go on and on. In fact, they never stop as an adult. My motto for years has been this: Decisions have consequences, decisions mean something!

We cannot run from our decisions. Too many make selfish, short-sided decisions and then pay a price for years. It is this preacher’s firm conviction that it is because we have taken God out of the lives of so many children. They have no foundation, no hope other than street thinking. Too many young adults are experiencing “winter” when they should be thriving and growing.

There are even more seasons in life as adults. As an aging adult, my children have all grown and moved away (yes, our sons are making good decisions that make their parents proud!).

Now we are “empty nesters” and loving it. It takes me a bit longer to finish projects than it used to, so I know that my age is catching up with me. The pills I must take everyday grow in number.

The final season is the sunset of our lives. No need to look as the stars, as our bodies will make that time clear. We will most all grow more dependent again. You can deny it all you want, but that day is coming for all of us. The key is to be growing personally and spiritually through all of these seasons. Spiritually, growing in the knowledge of a loving God (see John 3:16-17).

Struggling with a season in your life? If I can help, look me up neighbor. And be sure to enjoy each of the seasons around you while growing your understanding of the God of the Christian Bible. Enjoy the day!

The Rev. Ken Hasekamp is pastor of Adventure Christian Fellowship. Sermon notes is a column by local religious leaders.

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