Them darn streets in Patterson
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After living 10 years in your fair city and driving and avoiding them high-performance, tail-gating insistent cretins—whether it be fair or foul weather and driver be teen-ager, a mom with kids, or older people with lead feet—it continues to amaze me how more children, pets and old people are not run over by these texting, cellular fluent folk.

My rear view mirror does not show cop nor EMT red flashing lights, but rather a black Honda, a Ford Explorer or a blue Mustang suddenly on my Shakespearean arse!

Oh, poor Yorik, what to do?

But, allow these miscreants so full of selfie, self-importance and ego maniacal depression in their hurry to get somewhere!

Traffic in Rome allows the pedestrian to dance, dodge and dazzle oncoming cars, buses and chariots! In Paris, pedestrians are barely tolerated but not run over.

Dogs are very respected here and so are their left overs!

And the shire reeve? What shire reeve? It appears they are no place, no how when they are needed, except to hand me a yellow piece of papier hygienique!

Paul de Landa,


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