Making big decisions
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Dear Editor,

About two weeks ago I read Ron Swift’s column with great interest due to some very interesting findings about the Patterson City Council’s behavior at public meetings.

While I can agree with Mr. Swift about acting with much more courtesy, my biggest concern was the fact that they voted away their power to staff.

According to the vote, the Council will no longer have a voice or vote on new industry coming into Patterson. The excuse is that the process is too slow and big businesses won’t wait.

Well, excuse us for taking too much time to think about what goes on in Patterson—the place we all call home. How many staff members have a vested interest in Patterson?

Even if they live here, they are not looking at things through the eyes of all the residents.

That’s why those of us who vote in every election go to the polls, so that those we elect will represent all of our interests. We did not elect staff at the polls.

Those who want to sell Patterson residents a bill of goods about how big businesses won’t wait had better take a ride to Interstate-5 and check out land prices before allowing staff to make decisions about Patterson’s future.

Any reasonable company would take a good look at the interstate access, land prices and bite their tongues while they await approval.

One last thought, if staff is making the big decisions about Patterson, what is the City Council’s purpose?


Mary Solorio-Brandt,

Patterson resident

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April 29, 2014
Dear Mary, I think you may have mis-understood the change the council made.

It is only the final approval, they no longer need to rubber stamp the final sign off.The council will still have a say in all planning/building in the city.

This only applies after all other processes are signed off, such as planning, fire, police etc...

Patterson resident,

Pamella Secrest

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