Place all your trust in the Lord
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“He won’t give us more than we can bare.” - 2 Cor 7:14

Some years ago, my wife took my eldest son to what we thought would be a routine examination. Just prior to us taking him, he had been complaining about a slight pain in his groin area. We were convinced that it was a slight groin pull and he would be fine in a couple of days.

Well, a couple of days turned into a couple of weeks, then a couple weeks turned into a month. We finally decided that it was time to take him in, get some ace bandages and be on our way.

While I was having my lunch, my wife called me from the hospital and told me that my son had fallen while he was at the hospital and was now in excruciating pain. The slight groin pull we thought my son had was actually a badly broken hip. She precedes to tell me that they will have to perform an emergency surgery to insert a pin into the now broken hip.

We were not prepared for the next three weeks of absolute bad news to follow.

My wife and I had been through some challenging times throughout our 15-year marriage, but nothing prepares a person when something is wrong with one of your offspring.

Though I wasn’t prepared for those three hellish weeks – I certainly learned that even while you’re in the midst of a dark storm – there could be rays of sun if one leans and puts their trust in God.

So, in the midst of the doctors letting us know that our son would have to go into a second unplanned emergency surgery, as difficult as it was, I put my trust in the Lord and experienced sun rays in the midst of a dark storm.

One thing in life is certain – we will all have to face challenges from time to time.

It is during these times that God is able to show Himself worthy of being our God; it is during these times that character and strength is built in a person.

Think about what you can turn over to the Lord today.

Remember, even though the circumstance you find yourself in may seem overwhelming and unbearable, put all of your trust in the Lord, because He won’t give you more than you can bare!

The Rev. Gilbert Ybarra is pastor of The River of Life Christian Fellowship. Sermon notes is a column by local religious leaders.

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