Seniors for allocating garbage discounts
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In reading the report, “City to pare down senior garbage discount programs,” I propose that seniors who are volunteering to have their garbage discount program discontinued complete the necessary forms to allow them to pass on their discount to those who are unable to invest money that earns the 3.9 percent garbage collection increase, as proposed in the article.

Two of my neighbors and I welcome the offer that Ms. Clemmer is offering to seniors that need the discount.

In canvassing, the seniors that live on my street are not in favor of relinquishing the discount.

Gil Hyder,

Patterson resident

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May 08, 2014
Dear Editor,

I agree with Gil Hyder on the garbage discounts for senior's, but there is also the people who are disabled and on a very limited income, why not set up a program for them also?, of course they must meet certain financial qualifications to be on the program. I am disabled and on a very strict budget and have even asked my neighbor if we could share a garbage can, but the city will not allow this. I only have one bag of garbage in my can per week so why not give us the disabled a lower rate also. It all comes down to money and the city does not want to help those who need the help. I really hope that the city will consider these two rate deductions. If I could afford to give my discount up I would!!! Sincerely, Michelle Saleen of Patterson

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