What does the Bible say about...?
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Tim was going to a university in California and had an opportunity to take a couple of classes as electives. One course looked intriguing. It normally wouldn’t even be in the university catalogue, but this was a one-semester class. Tim’s parents did not go to church, but he had visited a couple times and this hit a nerve.

He decided to sign up for the class “What the Bible says about…?”

He hoped he could find some answers.

His first day in class he received the syllabus. They would begin by looking at “What the Bible said about God.”

Tim really didn’t know much about God. He was interested to see what the professor had to say. Although Tim wasn’t aware of it, God was interested in him as well as every college student who was taking the class. The Creator would be active in revealing Himself to those who wanted to know Him.

On the second day of class the professor started out by saying, “In the beginning…” and said nothing else. He said it again, “In the beginning…”

No response. Tim had no idea what he was doing. What beginning was he talking about? The professor went on.

“In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. The Bible begins with God creating. How does He create? He speaks and it is so. Take your Bibles and turn to the first book, Genesis.

“From the beginning, God spoke and there was light. He spoke to divide the waters His Spirit had been preparing. The distance between the divided waters He called sky. He then gathered the water below the sky in one place and let dry ground appear. God spoke again and things began to grow on the ground.

“He spoke once more and this time the universe as we see it today was formed. Stars, galaxies ever expanding, the sun and moon all to help define the day and the night. God spoke again and said there should be living things in the seas. He was almost done. He spoke and living creatures walked, crawled, flew, and grew on dry land. One more thing God wanted to do. God spoke His deepest desire.

“‘Let’s make a man.’ He took the dust of the earth, formed him, breathed into him and man came to life. Who is God? He is life. You want to know God?

“Read and believe what He has written. Many are afraid to because they don’t really want to know the truth, but if you are willing and ready to know the Creator and the truth of life, believe what you read and what He says. He will reveal Himself to you.”

Class was over and a chill went through Tim’s body. He had never heard this before but it was as if the truth had for the first time shined a bright light through the “port hole” of his spirit as well as his mind. How about you? Are you ready for the truth about God?

Let’s Pray.

The Rev. Scott Van Bibber is pastor of New Hope Church of the Nazarene. Sermon notes is a column by local religious leaders.
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