Redefining who we are
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Although Patterson has suffered quite a bit of heartbreak these last few weeks due to the alarming amount of shootings and theft taking place, I believe we should never let these instances define what this town represents.

It is dreadful to know that we have faced these dire circumstances, and I do believe we have many more to come in the near future.

But, I do feel that the overall population is not completely to blame, namely just a few individuals.

And many of the recent happenings have been from a number of juveniles.

Some may wish to blame the parents, and they should hold a certain responsibility. However, it takes a village to raise a child.

Do you want to solve the root of the matter? Invest your time in the youth. Help them move forward, and get involved with your community, or else it may become someone else’s.

—By Brooke Borba, Editor
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May 28, 2014
It is sad to hear of the many shootings taking place in Patterson, and the involvement of young people and that its happening near our schools. There needs to be real investments into our youth!

We have a "Teen Center" that holds less than 100 people, while the high school alone holds over 1200. We have a skate park and pool, though its something, it only serves that population. But more importantly outside of 1 school, there are no resources or places to go in the East Sides and South Sides of Patterson. Everything is located in the "new downtown core".

Just about all of the gun violence is happening on the east and south sides of town, or involves folks who are living in those areas. Its time to invest resources into those communities. More law enforcement can only do so much, there needs to be a shift in our policies that assure we are setting resources aside to invest in programing, sports, facilities, education and community building to invest in our youth and especially on the hot zones. We can all complain and point fingers but we all need to look in the mirror and ask what are we doing to help the situation?

I look to communities like Salinas who at one point was a Patterson size community and is now the size our leaders are planning to take us, and the amount of violence that is happening; gang violence, and police violence, and can assure you that Patterson is moving down that same path unless we change our focus!

We do more for the elderly of this community because they vote and they are heard by our leadership. We should be devoting the same amount of time, resources and listening to our youth and the needs they have. Your right Brooke it takes a village to raise a child, and it will take a community to right the ship that our leaders are taking us and create a new path where we value all members or our community especially our future leaders our Youth!

June 21, 2014
I think it all starts at home. We cannot raise other people's children. Location isn't really an issue. I'm sure seniors live on the East and South side of town and some how get over to the senior center for programs. Some youth from the East and South attend the Teen Center and skate park as well. The problem is the kids who choose to be in gangs most likely have a broken home or some kind of issue at home where they are not guided or taken to church on Sundays etc... For those who choose that life style unfortunately get shot or end up in jail. The city and community can only do so much and provide whatever they can afford to provide. If parents can't handle their kids then that's what Social Services, Group Homes, Juvenile lock up and out of state placement for troubled youth are their for. As a tax payer, we already invest in programs for troubled youth. And we pay high taxes in Patterson for the programs we have in place for the youth who choose to attend.

If the East and South part of town want facilities and programs then those zones should pay for it through a special tax or bond which would be only fair. Residents on the West side of town pay special bonds and taxes for facilities and schools that the kids from the East and South attend. So the cost should be passed over to the residents on the East and South for facilities. I agree with you Sergio but I feel the city or residents on the West should not pay for it since we already paid for facilities that everyone uses.

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