'Let the law do its job'
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I have to respond to the article in Sunday’s (Modesto Bee) newspaper on May 25 about the drive-by shooting in Patterson that killed a 42-year-old woman. The Police Chief Tori Hughes stated that the area of Felipe Garza Park is an active gang and drug problem.

This is the fault of the city of Patterson. A few years back, when the late Sam Cuellar was on the City Council, he was very adamant about stopping the sheriffs from pulling over vehicles that had questionable characters inside them, thereby hand cuffing the law from searching gangsters and drug offenders.

This was only because his very own niece was in a vehicle that would fit the profile of a gang member vehicle.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s deputies were doing a good job! Now fast forward to 2014; we have drive-by shootings, drugs, homeless, and gangsters everywhere you look.

The City Council, past and present, should be ashamed of themselves. Stop this non-sense and let the law do its job; Make these thugs feel so uncomfortable that they choose to move out. If not, all these new businesses may just not want to move in.

Lawrence Cline,

Patterson resident
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June 03, 2014
Stop and Frisk is not the Answer. It has been proven in Chicago and in New York that crime rates don't drop, but the tension between gangs and Police and police and the targeted communities rise.

Targeting as you put it Larry "Questionable Characters" targets more than the "thugs" you speak of! Who is Questionable Larry? If we look at where the crimes are happening it looks like you want the cops to stop anyone who looks mexican, or black? Does that sound right to you?

It sounds typical for every stop and frisk effort, Gang injunction, that i have seen that has not reduced crime but instead led to bad community relations with police, and to a lot of police corruption.

Look up the gang injunction in West Sacramento, similar size to Patterson, and see what the Injuction has done besides bring about lawsuits against the city and Police...Not what Patterson Needs.

Look at the happenings in Salinas, once the size of Patterson, now the size we want to get to through our developer driven 40 year plan. A lack of investment in youth, and a targeting of the East Side of Salinas has not made the crime drop, and now we see a war between cops and the community. Again not what the community needs!

There was an opportunity after the big fight at PHS to bring some real ideas to the table and work as a community to make things better. I attended the community meeting, i took part on the Youth Development Committee, but what came out of these spaces were just ideas that everyone was to busy to take on.

Our community was too busy wanting to bring in Wal-Mart and pay for them to be here instead of taking the time to address the needs of our young people, which i helped lead the first group of Youth Action Commission students to present at a city council meeting, where they were tokenized as just being youth, and no movement made on their recommendations for the need of more spaces.

So yes Larry, our council in the past and future have dropped the ball, There needs to be a community solution, to this problem, its not your thought of getting every young person of color in our community to feel scared about riding in their car with their friends, its about getting service providers, law enforcement, healers, community advocates, elders, religious groups, to come together and provide a plan to engage and develop our youth and community into what we want to see.

Sergio Cuellar

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