Change is what you make of it
by Brooke Borba | Patterson Irrigator
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I am a firm believer that change is a beautiful, strange and daring thing to behold. Just like any other natural occurrence, change is a certainty—be it age, beauty, intelligence, personal values or in this case, a new career path.

Although it gives me great pain to pass the reins of the Irrigator over to a new editor, I must admit that I harbor a great deal of excitement and anticipation in leaving my forever home to join the limelight of Los Angeles.

I have recently found a position that will allow me to work on movie lots—although I can’t say which movie or the lot—all while pursuing a career in the film and acting industry. I will meet with a high echelon of producers, directors, captains, grips…you name it! It’s a rousing prospect, one that I doubt I would have achieved without the support of my family and friends. The resiliency of my hometown has launched me to a number of heights that I have to thank the community for.

That being said, I will miss Patterson greatly. There are a number of individuals who have truly made this place home, and will continue to do so long after I am gone. Even though the town has experienced growing pains through its own ongoing change, I have no doubt that the resiliency of the community members will keep it strong if they remember what Patterson was before the bustle.

To those who wish ill on Patterson, or claim the town to be less than riveting, or even a downright dump, I pity you. Patterson is what you make of it, not what you demand from it.

And I’m happy to report that I’ve made the most out of my experience.

Since my youth, I’ve put time and effort into my community and it has put time and effort into me. We grew together, and I hope to see that demonstrated one way or another through you, the residents. And if you choose to contribute nothing, don’t be surprised if you receive nothing in return.

As for being your editor, it was an interesting experience. I can honestly say that I had fun with the position. I sat on the sidelines of many local games, got close and personal with leaders of the community, grew my outreach efforts to include the youth and have helped families through personal struggles in the process.

Not many careers allow you the chance to have such a warming experience or further integrate you into the community.

And although I did have to power through the late nights, early mornings, many unpaid hours, and general debauchery, I feel it was all worth it. I was introduced to a broader range of views, legalities and partnerships all at the young age of 22.

It’s been a little over a year now, and although I do wish I could have stayed longer, change is a fickle friend and can gradually pull us beyond our own measures.
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July 08, 2014
Good luck in your new endeavor! Your leardship and writing perspective will truly be missed!

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