Your Voice: July 17, 2014
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Weighing in on the homeless issue
I am astonished by the way our parks downtown have been taken over by the homeless, and the city is doing little to nothing about it.

This is not right for our park workers to be spending so much time cleaning them. I’ve read some good articles in the Irrigator about the homeless problems here, and I still wonder, “What has been done?”

Parents don’t want to frequent the playgrounds with their young children and I don’t blame them. I would fear a child just might pick up a used needle and play with it. The older folks that used to daily enjoy the B.B.Q pit area to play tables games and socialize are becoming less visible. The bathrooms’ metal walls have corroded by being urinated on constantly and fecal matter is nowhere near the toilets.Drunkards and drug-users are passed out daily with trash blowing around from the lunch meals they are provided every day.

I would like to offer some fixes to begin with. Maybe we can get a local business to adopt the parks and keep in contact with the authorities to report any wrongdoing, then implement stricter enforcement of the alcohol and drug laws and to add that no camping and no shopping carts are permitted. (This shall be no tolerance).

The individuals that provide the meals to these people need to be permitted and include in the permit that a member of their organization must stay present to police the trash until the parks close in the evening. If that is not workable, then the meals should be dispensed at a local community or church hall, not the parks. We need to find a way to get H.O.S.T back. It is a shame that politicians can never find the funding for things that work well.

If the City does not act quickly it will become a larger problem! These parks are well-desired by out-of-area homeless that will show up soon!

Lawrence Cline
Patterson Resident

Concerns about the police
I would like to know how these law enforcement agencies in big cities can catch a murderer, but in these little tiny towns can’t catch a cold. Could you please help me understand this, because I can’t figure it out. Thank you.

Matt Flores
Patterson Resident
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