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Jeff Denham has sold us out to the Tea Party

Dear Editor:

I’m writing this because I’m sick and tired of Jeff Denham going along with his republican cohorts and doing next to nothing. The House is responsible for writing bills that may become law, and Jeff and his friends have done squat ... again. We elected him to work on our behalf and that hasn’t happened.

Where are the bills for jobs, repair of our infrastructure, help for education, rework of our tax laws to make corporations and wealthy persons pay their fair share of taxes, veteran’s aid, women’s rights and immigration law rework (aka the DREAM Act)?

He’s done nothing, nothing, to satisfy any of the things I’ve mentioned. I have now decided to work diligently to have him defeated in November. I will attend his August, September and October town hall meetings in Patterson, where I hope to be able to pose a few questions as to why these things weren’t accomplished. He has voted lockstep with the Tea Party on every issue. That should be his downfall, as I will begin to recruit votes against him.

I will work tirelessly to defeat him. He is now officially forewarned. That as one who’s wasting our time in Congress, we will be holding his feet to the fire in November. Check his sorry voting record in Congress.... He should be ashamed of himself. He’s sold all of us out to the Tea Party.

Goodbye and hopefully good riddance in November.

George Fetzer
Patterson Resident
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August 07, 2014

Do you really think that taxing the wealthy will fix the mess California is in? If you taxed all of the people with the most money here 100% it would not cover half of the runaway spending here in this welfare state!

The state is already overtaxed and over regulated, all of the smart businesses and people with money are leaving this state in droves! My wife and I are in the middle of our exit plan now selling off all of our rental houses and leaving for a more business friendly state. 

We are tired of paying for all of the people on welfare, free phones, food and all of the other things for people the refuse to work hard for like us. More people are on assistance in this state than are working, pretty soon California will look just like Chicago only on a larger scale.

Then there is governor "moonbeam" with his multi billion dollar crazy train to nowhere with no way to pay for it other than to tax Californians more! (A 15 cents a gallon gas tax is coming soon) Also he has opened up the state to illegals allowing them to stay here. Hello they are not legally here! Kick every last one of them back over the border and make them apply like my ancestors did.

Any other country makes you prove you have a good paying job waiting for you in their country, and a large bank account before they let you come in. Here you sneak in and the government gives you all of the tax payers money while you sit around in your free house, eating free food and watching your free TV!

Good luck living here and hold on because things are going to get much worse for everyone, I will be watching while I make more money and live in a state that costs 1/3 as much to live in....

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