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Increased water bill is pure robbery

Dear Editor:

The city is robbing all of us!

People of Patterson, have you checked your water bill recently? Well, I have. My water portion of the bill increased by $30. This really shocked me, so I called the city water department and asked, “Why is my bill so high?”

I was immediately asked for my billing info.. The person on the other end of the phone said, “We cannot discuss this account with you because we don’t have your personal financial information (i.e. Social Security number).

My husband signed up for the service and added me to the account so that in the event he was indisposed, I shall care for the household finances.

I became very outraged and directed my not-to-friendly response to them. I was so angered that I jumped into my car to see them face-to-face and confront them about this bill. Even with all their bulletproof windows at the counters, four employees, two of them being senior administration, came from behind protected doors out into the lobby to intimidate me, a senior citizen. Why then the security measures if they leave their protected doors open? This is a waste of our money.

Now to the point of us being ripped off. I stopped watering my now very brown lawn and hosing down my driveway. I wash my car about every four months at the local car wash and have really conserved my household water use for two years now. My husband checked the meter in the alley, and voila, it took him five minutes to find the dang thing since it was covered in hard dirt—dang near cement! And since it’s not a smart meter, there is no way in double matchsticks anyone has ever read my meter. This bill is pure robbery by the hands of the city and we all need to stand up against this.

Juanita Cline
Soon to be former Patterson Resident
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