A trip down memory lane
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
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Class reunions for some just aren’t what they used to be.

Or to put it another way, the older the classmates, the better the reunion.

I’ve gone to a few high school reunions over the years, despite having to trek some 2,000 miles to the mid-western state of Iowa. Some were around the 4th of July when my hometown has an annual celebration. That gave me an opportunity to renew old acquaintances with no small number of people besides my classmates. We’ve had some good times rehashing the Good Ol’ Days and finally hearing the truth about incidents that should have gotten many of us into a peck of trouble.

I graduated in the class of 1955, and thus the 60th anniversary of that dramatic event will roll around in 2015. Whether my classmates in Iowa get their reunion act together remains to be determined. There’s not much help I can give them from this distance.

But of course the Patterson High class of ’55 will be getting together for a big shin-dig, possibly when the big 100th anniversary party commemorating the school’s first graduating class will be held on Labor Day weekend of 2015.

Which gets me to the point.

Classmates from back in the ’50s and maybe early ’60s seem to have remained closer than those in more modern times. More remain in touch and their friendships that started way back in the lower grades continue to this day.

My class is an example. Its graduates numbered only 37, of which 14 started in kindergarten together. Three of the latter are deceased, but of the remaining 11, nine of us remain in touch. We go back over 70 years. That’s a long time.

I don’t see that happening with later graduating classes. Perhaps their numbers got too large to develop ties between a majority of classmates.

This past Saturday members of the PHS class of 1959 gathered here to note their 55th anniversary. Reportedly they had a good ol’ time. That’s as it should be.


This e-mail arrived, asking this question:

Why are fire trucks red? Then it resorted to logic to provide the answer.

Fire trucks have eight wheels and carry four men, so 8+4=12.

There are 12 inches on a ruler. Queen Elizabeth is a ruler.

There is a boat called the Queen Elizabeth. The boat sails the sea.

There are fish in the sea. Fish have fins.

Fins are people who live in Finland. Finland and Russia got into a war.

Russia’s flag has red on it.

And that’s why fire trucks are red – because they’re always Russian around.

Does this somehow remind you of the thinking used by our Congress?


Hey Ron: So we have four candidates vying for mayor of our fair city – our current mayor, two other members of the City Council, and a newcomer to politics. Who is the favorite to win? – A Friend

Hey, Friend: I may reconsider our friendship. There’s no way you’re going to push me out on that limb.


All ardent baseball fans know of the 13-year-old Pennsylvania girl who last week pitched a shutout win in the Little League World Series. She’s the real deal.

So, get used to it. Women are competing in ultimate fighting, so why not baseball?


I’ve always liked wise quotes by famous people. Here’s one by Winston Churchill:

“Don’t worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older, it will avoid you.”

Ron Swift is editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at ronkay@gvni.com.

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