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Some random thoughts


One letter, but several thoughts.

• The right to disagree is constitutionally allowed, but in bygone years, respect for the office of president of the United States was a given. Has this trait ceased to exist with many Americans?

• Thought No. 2: What’s with this fighting in the stands among Patterson adults at a youth football game? Is common decency about to go over the edge?

• No. 3: What’s so bad about a president encouraging children to improve themselves through education? Are certain parents going to put “Obama blocks” on their television sets for the next three years and four months? Ridiculous.

• And how does the No. 1 college football team in the nation, Florida, keep its ranking? By scheduling teams like Troy (a 56-6 win last weekend).

• And finally, the demise of the Irrigator’s football contest after a run of 58 consecutive years comes with a bit of irony. Two of the contest’s most ardent players, Carl Frunz and Peter Goetz, died earlier this year. For years, they brought their enthusiasm into the Irrigator office as they dropped off their contest entries each Friday, and until the last year or two, Carl had the distinction of entering every contest since it began in 1951.

This fall, I’ll think of them every Friday.

Ron Swift, Patterson Time for health care reform


Recently, I was sitting in the waiting room of my doctor’s office. A middle-aged gentleman exited the exam rooms. He glanced around in a dazed, distraught way and then left the office.

I thought he must have received bad news — a disturbing diagnosis. In a few seconds, he came back inside, walked over to me and showed me a letter from his health insurance company. His rates had been raised so high he could no longer afford them, and now he couldn’t return to this doctor and didn’t know how he was going to get health care.

Although the man was a stranger to me, he shared his problem because he thought I might have had a similar experience or might know what he could do. I didn’t know.

Oh, but couldn’t we all be in his shoes? And what in the world would we do?

We need to encourage and support our elected officials who are working to reform our health care system. In our great and generous country, that so many of us are being left without the means to be healthy, to thrive or to even be alive is a sign that it is time!

Kris Santos, Patterson Hats off to students


Hats off to the Del Puerto High School students, along with their teacher, Richard Jones, who were diligently cleaning trash from our downtown Saturday, Sept. 12.

I saw them working around the post office and asked what they were doing. They explained it was a senior project that required them to donate 12 service hours to the community. They were working a four-hour stint on Saturday.

I am proud to see the school teaching these students to give back to the community — and I am proud of the students who willingly participated.

Mimi Draper, Patterson
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