20-year-old finds fiesta treasure
by Maddy Houk | Patterson Irrigator
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Patterson's Jason Pettingill shows Fiesta secretary Marilyn Hoobler where he found the Fiesta treasure, a purse hidden in the bushes on the corner of Baldwin Road and Cliff Swallow Drive in west Patterson.
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Perseverance paid off for Jason Pettingill, 20, who found the elusive Apricot Fiesta Treasure early Thursday, June 3, at the corner of Baldwin Road and Cliff Swallow Drive.

Pettingill, who is now $200 richer, is a 2008 graduate of Patterson High School and lives in Heartland Ranch.

He looked along Cliff Swallow, even searching the roundabouts, because an earlier clue mentioned circles.

“I was thinking the ranch is to the right, and that led me to Cliff Swallow and Baldwin,” he said. “I veered off, though, and looked in all the surrounding parks off Cliff Swallow and looked around all the circles.”

Pettingill, who was expecting to find a box, said he saw no signs of treasure on his early morning trek.

“I almost gave up, because I looked for a long time,” he said.

As he walked along, though, he came to the Walker Ranch concrete sign at Cliff Swallow and Baldwin and started looking through the trees and bushes planted there.

“I glanced there and saw a girl’s purse in there,” Pettingill said. “I picked it up and opened it and saw the white piece of paper. I’m so excited!”

Pettingill arrived at the Patterson Irrigator office after 10 a.m. with the embroidered purse and the note to claim the $200 prize. The money will help him, he said, because he is moving soon to Huntington Beach and will join the U.S. Coast Guard in the fall.

Meanwhile, he was happy with the cash in hand.

“It’s a good way to start my Apricot Fiesta,” Pettingill said.

The Clue Key, with all the explanations from the person who hid the 2010 Apricot Fiesta Treasure, follows here:

Gas up your car, check the air on your bike tires or saddle up your horse — it’s time to get started.

Just follow the clues, but beware, there’s more than one way to get to me. It might be a good idea to keep the clues every week, because they will not always be in the same order.

Clue 1

A. Let’s start at the one called “the port way,” just down the street to the left of the one with a cross. (This means Del Puerto High School, which is across from Sacred Heart School.)

B. Or start at the center of our town and follow “the port way” to the light. (Circle Building to traffic light on Sperry)

Clue 2

B. Wave to Pat and Tom and then to Vee and Alan, then go to the busy part of our town. (Go west on Sperry — for readers who know the Rose and Hooper residences.)

A. Go toward the hills and pass the “middle” one on your right. (Creekside “Middle” School)

Clue 3

A. Go around, then turn right over the bridge to your left — the “fiesta” one. (Bridge on Shearwater, Apricot Valley School)

B. Go past the one that rings your bell at dinnertime. But Jack is too far, even though he serves breakfast all day long. (Taco Bell on Sperry Avenue, but not as far as Jack in the Box)

Clue 4

A. Go around and then around again to the west until it ends. (Refers to the roundabouts in the Walker Ranch area)

B. Go to where two becomes one. (Where Sperry’s four lanes become Baldwin’s two)

Clue 5

A & B. The ranch is to the right. Now get out of your car and become a walker. If the bald man wants to win, he must swallow hard and jump off the cliff. (Walker Ranch sign on the corner of Baldwin and Cliff Swallow)

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