Meet the mayoral candidates
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City Councilwoman Annette Smith and Stanislaus County Board of Education Chairman Luis Molina are both vying to become mayor on Nov. 2. The Irrigator asked candidates a series of 20 questions about city issues. Just click on a candidate's name to find out their responses.

Luis Molina

Annette Smith

Profiles for the Del Puerto Health Care District board will be featured next week.
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November 01, 2010
George Galloway MacMaster aka George Logan,

We back up our stuff with facts. The Chamber must be mighty proud....your horse is pulling up lame, limping toward the finish line. The people of Patterson don't like puppets, time for new leadership without the strings.

October 17, 2010
This is amazing! George or the person penning under George, The outing of who i am, or blog under holds no weight in the facts or in this Election. In case anyone hasn't noticed im not running for office!

The truth is that Sara Kobiach, AKA Annette Smith maliciously copied photos from my Facebook account (cyber-stalking) and created a blog "Social Network ettiquete" in the Patterson Times where she Insinuated that i was involved in illegal activities. So if anyone had a shot of slander, and cooking up a story on a legal document it was me!

I chose not to formulate a complaint to a judge of "hurt feelings" then proceed with cooking up a story on a court document of meeting a Fred Ross from colorado and provide the address of a person who has been dead for decades! But then again i guess being an "accomplished attorney" gives one that swagger! Classic! That should be an interesting case to watch, that is if George decides to pursue it!?

This is a very SAD and Joke of an attempt to take people away from the issues and the fact that the corruption at City Hall has involved the Slate and those attached to them from developers to landowners and unfortunately some of our hired staff who used their power to push an agenda!

Patterson Deserves Better!

Vote for Molina Cuellar and Leonard! FOR THE BETTERMENT OF PATTERSON and its residents, not the developers, attorneys and those who want a payday from this election!

October 16, 2010
Ptownweenie refers to "young Cuellar " but Sergio IS ptownweenie and I have the IP numbers to prove it. I can also prove that Molina tweets as Fred Ross. Why don't these mice just use their own names?
October 15, 2010
Well if it isn't the ghost of botched law suits past! I remember reading the complaint of the Joke of a lawsuit that stated georgie meeting a fred ross from colorado that i believe was proven to be Dead since the 1930's?

Very timely move george to try and connect Mr. Molina to the Irritator..If this is true, i also beleive that our other Mayoral Candidate has a blogging past that shows lashing out at the young cuellar, similar to her rants at savemart against the health initiative folks, her lashing out at the public in support of our city manager at the council hearing that pushed out Cleve Morris, and her most recent blown top exhibit after the Candidates forum!

Thanks for your numerous misleadings of the council on brown act violations, the numerous lost law suits that did nothing but cost us tax payer dollars, for doing nothing to inform our planning commission on the ramos building move that ended in the city paying Ramos 27,000 in legal fees..hmmm imagine that one! but most importantly thank you for resigning!

Ptownmessenger out!

October 15, 2010
George Logan just won the SLAPP action filed against him by the fellows over at the Irritator. In ruling against them, the judge noted evidence that Luis Molina was also "Fred Ross". So, it is Luis, Sergio and Arsenio as the Fred Ross team. Check their "Fred Ross" twitter to see their true stripes.

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